15 June 2012

Portraits: A Home Visit

I've been seeing R. off and on since we built her a wheelchair over a year ago.  For those of you not familiar with the story, about three years ago, R. was just about to begin kindergarten when she contracted malaria.  She had been a bright little girl, and was anxious to learn to read.

But her case was very serious, and the malaria affected her brain.  R. cannot speak, but she understands.  She cannot walk, but she is learning to scoot on the ground.  She has very poor movement control, but she is learning to use her spasticity to help her move from laying on the ground to sitting up.  She is now able to feed herself small pieces of bread and other such food items.

In the West, R. would have access to adaptive equipment and a specialized school, what R. does have is a Granny that loves her deeply and believes that even with her deficits, R. has significant value and worth!

Since I first met her, R. has made an enormous amount of progress.  She can (most of the time) sit up on her own, she's reaching for objects that she sees and she can pick up and hand off some small things.  And now that we have OT-M for a short time, we've been going to see R. at her house once or twice a week.

It's been fun to watch her progress and a real joy to see her mom become more and more interactive with her.  Today, R.'s siblings were all home, and they couldn't wait to have their photos taken!

Hope you enjoy the view from here!

R. works on balance and trunk control while
reaching for bubbles.

R. and her oldest brother (Mama keeps her head shaved because she
can't sit still long enough to have it braided).
That's R.'s hand on her baby brother's leg!  She's
such an affectionate kid!
Such a beautiful family!


Shal said...

Beautiful! Love it!

Megan Schell said...

Beautiful pictures. Thanks so much for them.